Why hello! It has been a while since I’ve been back in this space (thank you @ life for happening). 

This post is inspired by one of the many videos out there about quitting social media, specifically: https://youtu.be/xWCMPJ1UxwU. It made me think about how I utilise social media as V and in my personal life.

Ramblings shall follow! Before I begin, trigger warning (TW).

Social Media As I Know It

As someone in her twenties, I grew up in a time of much change and development in the web space. Technology is beautiful and amazing. I saw floppy discs turn into thumb drives (and then the size of thumb drives increasing in storage and decreasing in price?! a beautiful miracle, really), the shift from MySpace to Facebook, Nokia to iPhone, SMS to Whatsapp and then to Telegram, the rise and fall of Vine, and then the uptake of Instagram and TikTok. 

The type of Tumblr pictures in the past? Gold.

With it, however, came the abuse. The growth of audiences that encouraged and spurred dangerous beliefs, misusing platforms, grooming. You name it, it had it. 

Personally, the use of social media in my life changed over time. As a young, impressionable teen, I was fascinated. My entire life would be up for display, I’d hunger for the affirmation of others in an attempt to be publicly “authentic”. Lessons both good and bad were learned. Some of the good: earning money from social media (it was a big thing), making new friends. Some of the bad: police reports, a hit to my mental health, and losing my way. For the longest time I struggled to balance and find my footing in this crazy world that is social media, but eventually I found myself again.

My current take on social media could lead onto a whole other novel, but in summary: I’ve realised the value in being private while consuming social media in moderation and keeping up to date an excuse I use to justify my scrolling on TikTok.

But no matter my take on it, it’s inseparable from my life as Viv. The use of social media is ultimately a need for visibility and to connect with peers and friends. Both a boon and a bane.


Social Media As Viv

Anyone who reads this space or follows me on my socials knows that I’m far from what a social media manager would deem to be “ideal”. I post what I want, when I want, there’s no consistency, I don’t schedule or do a social media content calendar. Sometimes I’m raging and other times I’m filled with boundless joy. 

I post more stories on Instagram, but other times my musings are left for the Twitter crowd to view (ideally, you’d be following both to get a more well rounded impression so I’m hyperlinking both platforms, heh). 

In my fantasy ideal world, I’d have spreadsheets where I’m organised as fuck, have scheduled posts and content, amazing graphic layouts, sound polish, monitor and track, and be the professional elegant lady I dream to be…especially given my civie job’s skillsets. It’s pretty similar to my life before being known as Viv. V’s previous life [lives] included social media monitoring, micromanaging myself (didn’t think it was possible), and stressing…only to have it all come to nothing. If you know, you know.

My Approach Henceforth

Seeing my peers on social media excel and ace at what they’re doing with branding and marketing leaves me in awe and respect – it takes job to the next level, and I’m happy for them!

But as mentioned earlier, the past months have seen a shift in priorities and in life. My approach henceforth…is to be candid and comfortable in what I’m doing. It does not necessarily entail me MIA-ing or being active every hour; instead, it will be reflective of who I am and how I feel (there’s still image management, but less so). How people wish to interpret it is beyond my control. 

To be honest, this has pretty much been the way I’ve been doing things since becoming Viv, but comments I’ve received compel me to state it explicitly on this platform. Hah.

Conclusion & a little FYI

The past year has been filled with growth and reflection; I hope it will be the same for any readers of this little space of mine. 

With this, here’s a little early announcement that my rates will be adjusted by the end of 2022! Stay tuned to another post later this year.


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