A dream is a wish your heart makes

Hello! This is a little note to let you know that while I love receiving presents, they are not an expectation.

The best gifts also comes in the form of
1. things you personally love, that you’d like to share with me
2. a personal gift you chose, which has a meaning
3. tips

Generally, I love anything to do with florals, butterflies, silk, leather, burgundy, and scents. I also love my jewellery in gold!

Finally: just as gifts are not expected; gifting should not come with expectations of anything in return.

If you have read this far – thank you x.

This little space will constantly be updated. It’s currently sorted according to price ranges, and in the future I might consider sorting it into categories for ease of browsing. If I may say so myself – this is a pretty good place to take inspiration from if you’re thinking of gift ideas, haha! You heard it here first. 

If you’ve read till this point and you’d still like to gift something but you’re unsure what, here are some general ideas:

Anything vintage (accessories, clothes, tableware), that you think my suit me.
Something from Nee Vintage or My Grandfather’s Things – surprise me!
Your favourite sake, or red wine.
Any Zimmermann dress. 

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