Terms & Conditions

The must-read before we meet.


The rates stated on my website only applies for the time we spend together. Thus, other costs, inclusive of meals, accommodation, and external activities (such as entry fees and tickets) will be covered by you. My rates are non negotiable; when we first meet, my renumeration must be handed over to me within 15 minutes of us meeting.


As I have a commitments in my life outside of this line of work, the date and time of our meeting is subject to my availability. It will be settled in our further correspondence with one another. Once a date has been settled, a 20% deposit is required.

An additional $400 is required if you wish for me to settle the location logistics. 


1. Screening is mandatory, you may find the booking form here.

Repeat bookings can be done by contacting me directly through our medium of communication 🙂

2. Replies are not guaranteed.

Previously it was stated that replies will be made within 48-72 hours of a form submission. Since then, life has gotten busy! My other priorities in life have grown in size and importance. Rest assured that I do still screen and read every email and form that comes my way – I simply don’t have the bandwidth to put in equal effort and time into all.

My main reason for a non reply could be any of the following

    • You are within my network or closely related to it
    • I do not have time to accommodate you in my schedule – this is especially since priority is given to those I am familiar with
    • The form was not filled in properly
    • You did not pass your screening

Should you wish to flag or highlight something you think I may have overlooked, feel free to reach out to me directly at mistressvillanelle@protonmail.com. 

Any abuse of use through this email will result in being blacklisted.

If, even after the above, I fail to reply, it is likely due to several reasons listed on my FAQs page.

3. I recommend booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Read more about why on my FAQ page.

4. I will not start a date at and after midnight. Please respect my time, as I respect yours.

If anything transpires between the confirmation of our date and the actual meet that leads me to longer meet you, I will cancel our meeting – deposit returned in full – no questions asked. This should not be an issue if you are courteous and chilvarious in your communication 🙂

Safety & Security

I prioritise hygiene and safety (not just physically but mentally and emotionally). State clearly in the booking form if you have boundaries or things you would like to explore with me. I cannot promise anything, but who knows- our kinks may align. Everyone has boundaries, and so do I. I do not explicitly discuss what I am comfortable with online for reasons. That being said, you may state what you are looking for and I will respond if they are within my boundaries.

As I appreciate respect and chivalry, I’ll take my leave should you pressure or coax me into doing things that compromises my privacy or safety (such as forcing me to doing things I clearly state I am not comfortable with). As such, please make your intentions and interests clear in the booking form. This will ensure that we make the best of our time together, and won’t have disagreements.

As aforementioned, I prioritise safety, especially sexual safety. I get tested every 3 months on top of keeping myself protected, so it is only right that you do the same. You will be blacklisted, should I find out any dishonesty or lies.

Cancellations & Refunds

1. Rescheduling will only be allowed once. Should you wish to cancel without rescheduling, the 20% deposit will be forfeited.

  • If you are unsure of when to reschedule – it will be considered a cancellation

  • If you reschedule, an additional 20% deposit will be needed. This will again be forfeited should you cancel

2. You may change your mind and cancel our meeting within 15 minutes of meeting me. The deposit will not be refunded, and a $100 cancellation fee will be imposed. Any time after 15 minutes and the full fee will not be refunded.

3. If you require to cut our time short, or change your mind after 15 minutes of meeting, the full rate still applies.

4. If your actions, upon meeting, makes me feel like my safety – mentally, emotionally or physically – is compromised, I will make it clear to you and leave, and no refund will be provided. Manners maketh man.

5. In the rare occasion that I need to cancel or postpone our meeting, you will be entitled to a full refund.

  • I postpone, and you are agreeable: no additional deposit (unlike point 1)

  • I cancel: full refund of deposit

Etiquette & Boundaries

I will take my leave if I feel like my safety or privacy is compromised.

This includes

  • Touching of personal belongings

  • Repeated questioning when I explicitly state I won’t be uncomfortable answering (don’t be afraid to ask though, just don’t prod if I say I won’t be answering)

  • Anything I did not consent to

  • Lack of manners & hygiene


Privacy & Confidentiality

Rest assured, your personal identifiers will remain confidential. Likewise, I expect the same for you. Our time together is private and sacred – no photography and videography will be allowed. Mutual respect is of utmost importance, and it would be best not to acknowledge each other outside of our time together.

Should you attempt to intrude into my personal life, obtain information I don’t voluntarily provide, or harass me, action will be taken & you will be blacklisted. Certain things are a criminal offence, and it would be best to tread carefully.

Personally, I’d love to meet you for a casual meal to see if we click, if you wish to take things slow, then consider to first book a date with me. If this is something that interests you, please make it clear under the “message” portion of the booking form.



If you wish to use me as a reference you must
1) inform me in advance through our mode
2) have seen me in the last 3 months

Should the above not be fulfilled, I will not respond nor confirm having seen you.


Providing references assists with the screening process, though it is not a must. Please ensure that

1) you have informed the provider that you will be using them as reference
2) have checked their T&Cs


Feel free to ask me more questions when filling in the form, I look forward to hearing from you! x

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