I didn’t expect to be speaking about my assets (although honestly, my ASS is literally my only ASSet if it can be considered to be one at all), but in light of several snarky and painful comments I received, I decided that writing this would be ideal before I receive more. It was and is never my intention to use my website as a ranting space, but I guess some occasional reflection doesn’t hurt. Way to start my first post, haha.

To start things of- I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why I highly encourage first time clients to book a quick meal date to gauge our chemistry before committing to longer periods of time. That being said, accusing me of being dishonest is uncalled for, at times angering, and on other occasions, hurtful. My statistics are up on my home page, and I always send several small reminders to first time clients.

With that, let’s get some things out of the way!

1) I have mosquito bites for boobies. But you should already know that, based on my home page. If you have an issue with that, don’t book me for my time. If you’re curious, feel free to book me for my time. If you’re going to be cussing and insulting me, don’t bother.

2) On a good day, I may deceive you into thinking I have boobs, as seen below. This often happens when I utilise clothes to squeeze the life out of myself, or simply when I use my hands to squeeze them together, so it appears I have some semblance of a cleavage (I really don’t, haha.)

3) Being a social escort and not having my body dimensions being up to par with societal standards does not give you permission to belittle me.

As a social escort, I don’t promise never ending chemistry- it differs depending on the person, which is why I recommend a get-to-know-me date before committing- I am not a VS model, nor am I an Instagram influencer (though there should be many others out there who fit into that description!). But I pride myself in putting in an effort into keep myself healthy, being genuine and sincere in my conversations when I get to know you, and focusing on you during our time together.

In case I haven’t made it clear enough: I don’t appreciate people making snark comments, especially to fellow women in teh community. Walls have ears and you should know better.

That’s all for now, till the next post, tata 🙂


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